Read With Me!

Anybody who knows me or has heard me speak, knows that I’m always throwing around a book reference or two depending on the situation or conversation.

According to recent studies, The U.S. Illiteracy Rate hasn’t Changed In 10 Years and just recently a facebook status stating how much of a bookologist I am revealed I should probably look into starting some form of a book club…


So here it is!

The books covered will not be limited to any specific authors or categories, but I want you {as well as myself} to enjoy and get something out of the books we invest our time and money in.

The goal is pretty much to read one book a month and then provide a review and discuss/Q&A {question and answer} on the information.


All posts tagged with Ready to Read will detail the the book for the upcoming month, approximate book price and the read-along schedule.


All posts tagged Read-Along will have weekly updates to see how you’re coming along with the reading schedule and answer any questions or discuss any topics you may have along the way.


Lastly, all posts tagged as a Book Review will be a summary of my overall thoughts and final discussion of the books we read together.

Feel free to follow my pin boards on pinterest as I am always pinning when I hear of good reads and don’t forget you can purchase a lot of the books we’ll be reading directly from my bookstore.

Oh. And just in case you’re wondering, I’m completely open for book suggestions. Click {here} or email me at dear {at} denisenicole {dot} me to submit them. Happy Reading!

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