Five Ways to Ask Why Someone is Still Single WITHOUT Asking Why Someone is Still Single


my favorite comfort foods and why

my favorite comfort foods and why

at some point all food brings comfort right…?

i mean food is one of the only things that sustains you and brings pleasure

when someone cooks for you or brings you food it indirectly communicates that they care about your life because they’re providing one of the basics you need to survive

so all food comfort me at some point

particularly speaking my favorite comfort foods are chocolate, sushi, and coffee

they’re all such experiences

coffee… coffee is a universal culture. you can travel the world and still enjoy a cup of joe.

i love sushi rolls because of how it is created to include a little bit of every thing… like it really is like an explosion of flavor and textures in each piece

lastly chocolate i would guess it has something to do with endorphins… that fact that it’s rich and moist and just delicioso

Freedom Friday with Denise Nicole

Freedom Friday with Denise Nicole

Today makes an official week since I left the corporate world! Yep I said goodbye to the 9-to-5. I don’t know that there many things¬†greater than hearing my oldest daughter tell me, “Well, you seem better… You’re not stressed, or bored. You’re laughing and having more conversations with us”. ¬†I mean anything else is icing on the cake! Many of you have asked why I made the decision to leave¬†or what I’m doing now, so here it is: - whiteTALLOW ME TO REINTRODUCE MYSELF

If you don’t already¬†know I’m Denise Nicole. Mother of PinkLemonadeJade and PumpkinPieKai. I got pregnant really young, during my first semester of college–a teenage mom–having my first daughter at nineteen years of age. By 21, while most of people my age where in their junior year of college, attending parties and learning how to drink, I was a mommy of two!

It took me about 10 years from graduating high school to obtain my bachelors degree and really get on a ‘career’ path. I initially worked odd jobs here and there to make ends meet until about 5 years ago when I actually started focusing on what it is I wanted to do. By realizing¬†my strengths and passions, I quickly moved up the ranks in the job I was working.

But about a year ago I began to have an entrepreneurial awakening in the midst of a plateau in the workplace. I had never thought about being my own boss or starting a concept from scratch but suddenly the ideas would not stop coming to me. Needless to say every day my perspective opened more toward owning my own time, it closed toward working on someone else’s. I began to want more for myself and for my daughters, not necessarily money money per say, but more time, more energy and more freedom to pursue passion projects and just to enjoy life and my girls before they became adults. I didn’t want to miss their lives because of the grind. It became clearer and clearer to me, that when I reached my 5 year anniversary at the job I was currently working¬†that I would be in a completely different mental space than I was when I came on with the company, and that it would involve me no longer being on staff there.

But I had no idea what I would actually be doing instead…


I had about 3 passion projects {maybe more} that I knew I was supposed to produce {and that you will definitely be hearing more about soon}. I also knew I wouldn’t be able to do that working a 9-to-5 and taking care of two pre-teen daughters successfully. Additionally not too many things are done without funding. So I needed to find a solution that would allow me to be able to spend time I needed with the girls, generate income to pay the bills AND provide additional means to become debt free and fund the passion projects that would be coming down the line.

I was safely continuing to work my 9-to-5 while doing as much as I could in my free time to develop the concepts and have meetings surrounding the ideas I’d been having. If you’re following closely, what you’ll notice is that there wasn’t a whole lot of time left for the girls. I don’t know about you but kids need their parents and they¬†want their parents to pay them attention. When children aren’t receiving the amount of attention needed or desired it usually results in behavioral problems, learning disabilities and all types of foolishness hence the term attention deficit disorder. I know doctors named it this to mean that¬†the child has a hard time paying attention, but I think just like money, it’s hard to pay something that you aren’t receiving.

In any event, there was a situation involving one of my daughters that I personally felt was a wake up call. Here’s why: NOthing just happens. We’re given warning and alert signs and as parents it’s up to us to focus on them. I didn’t need the next ‘warning’ to be the real thing. I didn’t want to be one of those parents who looks at their children and says, “I did all of this for you!” only for them to look back at me and say, “We didn’t ask you for that.” So I was prompted internally and believe¬†God say: Go NOW! So I went. Essentially it was time. Not my time. But TIME.


God is such a provider that because¬†He knew I was going to need an alternative to the 9-to-5 to generate income, a month earlier he directed me to sign up as an It Works! Independent distributor. Although I anticipated¬†I’d be leaving my job, I had¬†not planned to do it for another 5 months. But how many of you know, “Many plans are in a man’s {or woman’s} mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him {her} that will stand” {Proverbs 19:21//AMP}?

It Works! Global has four product lines:

  • A skincare line
  • A supplement line
  • A detox drink line
  • A body contouring line {which if you’ve heard of it was probably referred to as ‘that crazy wrap thing’!
My PERSONAL Wrap Results

I fell in immediate love with the wrap in particular because as a mom of two, although I am very petite in stature, I gained stretch marks, saggy skin and a pouch from childbirth that no amount of working out would seem to fix. So here I am thinking for all these years the only way to alleviate the embarrassment of this problem is to get plastic surgery until I see this $25 wrap floating around.

The ultimate body applicator is a non-woven cloth with a botanically {as in all natural plant based and non-gmo} based formula on it that you can use anywhere below the neck {we have facial wraps too} to tighten, tone and firm unwanted cellulite and skin. It is not a weight loss tool. I repeat not a weight loss tool. This product actually causes toxins to be flushed from your fat cells causing the area to become tighter, toner and firmer. The full treatment is 4 wraps and the results are not reversible, they’re actually progressive meaning the formula will continue to work actively for 72 hours and once you’ve completed the treatment will work passively for 6-8 months warranted you maintain a healthy lifestyle that isn’t adding an overload toxins back into your system and our other products will help you with that. =)

The beauty has been¬†that¬†this opportunity allows me to set my own schedule and be available, in a way that I’ve never been able to for the girls, for myself and with family and friends. I now have time to be the president of the PTSA and no longer have to complete a leave request to stay home if one of their stomachs hurt. I have time to catch up with people on what’s been going on with their lives and to pray for people, because I’m not off to a meeting. The freedom is simply amazing!

What’s more is that I now have endless¬†earning potential. I determine how much I make. If I only want to make $5,000 per month then I follows the steps necessary for that and I’m done. But if I want to make $85,000 per month… yes I added the correct number of zeros, the comma is in the right place and yes you read per month… let me spell it out for you eighty five thousand dollars per month… like some of the other top-earners I’m in business with, I CAN! And I WILL! It really is a win win from all perspectives. I’m a part of a great team and I get to help others succeed and fulfill their dreams of being free!

If you’re ready this and you’re saying to yourself, “Denise, I would love to know more and support you¬†by ordering something from one of your product lines today!”, you’re in luck! I’m actually looking for new clients to try my products!

Or if you’re reading this and you’re saying, “Man, freedom sounds awesome! Cap less income sounds awesome! I’ve got kids and/or dreams. I want more for myself than I’ve ever dreamed possible and I’m ready to do something about it and make a step in that direction today!”, you’re in luck too because¬†I’m also looking for people who will partner in business with me to help others look good and feel better within themselves and about themselves.

Email¬†to start your freedom walk today. Freedom to be healthy, wealthy and wise! And even if your freedom journey doesn’t include partnering with me, promise me that you will still dream BIG! - BIG


Fundraising Friday with Denise Nicole

Fundraising Friday with Denise Nicole

First off, I want to send a huge thank you again to those of you who have already donated towards my Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry tuition through GoFundMe! You know who you are and you are blessed tremendously in return for the seed you’ve sown into this chapter of my life!


The issue I have with GoFundMe is that you were¬†also funding them. In other words, they kept a small portion of your donation, a convenience fee if you will for using their services to collect donations, so–things are changing.

I am still in need of donations for tuition and now for a stellar missions trip I’ll be taking in April 2015. However, from this point forward all giving should go directly to Bethel Atlanta. This benefits us both. Not only do I get the entire donation directly applied to my school account, YOU can also claim your gift as a charitable contribution on your taxes next year! Yay! Music and cheering!

Before we get into the new process of giving, I want to first give you some details about my mission trip. Ready…?


I’m going to GERMANY!!! April 2 – 11, 2015. I’m so excited!! God has been so good to me. I’ve been on one international trip every year since 2011 but this will be my very first missions trip, where the purpose of travel is more than leisure vacation and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The main focus of the trip will be equipping our German friends to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all across the country. Many of the places we will be visiting have had very little training with regards to the prophetic and healing. We will be teaching and activating members of the local church to do the works that Jesus did. We will be traveling around Dresden and the surrounding area, visiting several churches and schools of ministry in the area. Dresden is an artistic hub for Germany, and has a large community of young artists. We will be doing ministry at local clubs and bars, creating practical applications for the things that we are teaching.

Team members (ME) will be hands on during activations and practices, imparting the gifts you have gained during your time at school. You will also act as the ministry team during larger meetings: praying for the sick, giving prophetic words, and giving words of knowledge for healing.

Our hosts are also very excited to take us around Dresden and the surrounding area to absorb the culture and history of the area. We will be visiting Saxony, home of count Zinzendorf and the Moravians, where an amazing revival occurred in the 1700s.

Doesn’t that sound exciting? Every dollar you give allows you to participate in all the testimonies from my trip merely by the fact that YOU helped send me–it’s essentially like you are actually going as well! If you can’t contribute I understand and would still ask that you pray continually for me, the team I’ll be with, our travel, and our families back home. We’re believing for God’s grace, wisdom and power to move mightily in and through us while we’re there.


Tuition Deadlines {$1500 Total}:

$250 due November 1, 2014
$250 due December 1, 2014
$250 due January 1, 2015
$250 due February 1, 2015
$250 due March 1, 2015
$250 due April 1, 2015

Mission Trip Deadlines {$2000 Total}

$750 due January 19, 2015
$750 due February 2, 2015
$500 due March 2, 2015


The part we’ve all been waiting for. You can give one of two ways. You can either mail in a donation or you can give online. Follow the directions for the scenario that suites you best below:


Make out all check to Bethel Atlanta and put “BASSM Fund” in the memo line and include a note recommending that the donation be used for Denise Nicole – Tuition or Denise Nicole – Germany Missions. Donations can be mailed to:

Bethel Atlanta
PO Box 656
Tyrone, GA 30290

If you don’t include a note with details, the accounting team won’t know which student the donation is for and will get applied to the trip/tuition as a whole and not my individual cost.


Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 11.12.36 PM

Toward the Mission Trip

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the donation amount and select ‘2015 Germany Mission Trip’.
  3. Complete the rest form and hit submit.
  4. Send an email to containing your name, donation amount, and my name {Denise Nicole} as the trip participant you are recommending the donation be used for.

Toward Tuition

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the donation amount and select ‘BASSM Fund’.
  3. Complete the rest form and hit submit.
  4. Send an email to containing your name, donation amount, and my name {Denise Nicole} as the student you are recommending the donation be used for.

If you don’t email, the accounting team won’t know which student the donation is for and will get applied to the trip/tuition as a whole and not my individual cost.

{Support Disclaimer} Financial gifts or letters of encouragement may be sent to:¬†Bethel Atlanta, PO Box 656, Tyrone, GA 30290. In order to receive a tax-deductible receipt, please make the check payable to Bethel Atlanta and write¬†BASSM FUND¬†in the memo of the check and include a donation response note. This will recommend that your gift be designated for¬†Denise Nicole – Tuition or Germany Trip. It is important for me to state for tax purposes that this recommendation is non-binding and non-refundable. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Bethel Atlanta Church has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. If for any reason a team member or the team does not go, the money will support Bethel Atlanta’s BASSM fund.


If you’re still reading, thank you for taking the time out of your day to ready this lengthy post, thank you for supporting me financially and thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

Great Coffee. Great Cause.

Great Coffee. Great Cause.

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a good cup of joe! And now purchasing a bag {or two} of the best coffee I’ve ever had will support my efforts to go to BASSM {Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry}.


I was first introduced to Phoenix Community Coffee after running the Peachtree 5k Run for One last year. When I finally brewed the ‘sample’¬†I’d received in the race goody bag, it was the best coffee I had ever tasted. As much of a nerd as I am, when it comes to researching stuff, it didn’t yet cross my mind to google how I could get more of this coffee.

My next encounter came at the Catalyst One-Day event, they were a sponsor of the event and attendees got this delish coffee while there.

But it was my last encounter, when I was given a bag by a co-worker who had received it on Father’s day from Passion City Church, that my wheels got to turning and I started investigating.

Not only was I impressed by the prices, the flavors and the fact that this coffee is being used to transform lives, I saw a partnership program that would allow me to get $3 for every bag purchased through my specialized link.

I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity for you to get great coffee while also supporting a great cause!

You can see all the details below or head to NOW!


Denise Nicole

Culture of Honor {Read-Along} #5

Culture of Honor {Read-Along} #5

Chapter 5 was kind of weighty, and if you’re like me, you’re soaking in¬†all of that information to get the full consumption of the information that’s being shared.

We are on track to be finish with the book this Friday, August 29. So finish up chapters 7 + 8 and I’ll have a book review for you on Wednesday, September 3.

Go here for an overview of the Read-Along as well as the link you need to purchase the book online.

This is the last week to weigh in! Email questions and/or thoughts about what we’ve covered so far to dear {at} denisenicole {dot} me.¬†

Culture of Honor {Read-Along} #4

Culture of Honor {Read-Along} #4

Is anybody reading with me!?

Seriously, this book is changing my life and I have yet to receive any feedback from any one of you who are reading with me. Maybe it’s just that good to you!

In any event, if you’re on schedule you’re somewhere in the middle of Chapter 5 & 6 {to be completed by Friday August 22} and then we only have two more chapters {one more week} until we’re done!

Go¬†here¬†for an overview of the Read-Along as well as the link you need¬†to purchase the book online. I’m waiting to hear from you! Email questions and/or thoughts about what we’ve covered so far to dear {at} denisenicole {dot} me.¬†