Five Reasons I’m Still Single… Since EVERYBODY Wants to Know!πŸ’‹

This has been quite the topic over the last couple of months. Listen in and comment on the 5 things I believe play a role on why I’m still single… ▢️


3 thoughts on “Five Reasons I’m Still Single… Since EVERYBODY Wants to Know!πŸ’‹”

  1. Love this! It’s a conversation that’s long overdue. Beautiful, talented, educated, etc, women shouldn’t be met with basically judgement- just because they are not married! The unsaid accusation is that something must be wrong. Contrary to what some may think – marriage is not a graduation from singleness after you have passed all your classes. Just as God cultivated and loved me through flaws and I grew and developed as a person while I was single, the very same cultivation and growth is still at work in my life as a married woman.

  2. So proud of you for doing this! It seems like a very hot question right now. Though every woman’s 5 reasons “why” may be different every single woman really doesn’t like this question. I agree ask me a contextual question, tell me your story, or instead of asking me why I’m single tell me why your single first! Now there is an awkward conversation starter but it’s better than you asking me first. πŸ˜‰ Once again so proud of you for sharing your heart! Love you friend😊

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