Culture of Honor {Read-Along} #2

Culture of Honor {Read-Along} #2

If you’re up-to-date with the read along, you’ve read the Foreward, the Preface and the Introduction of Culture of Honor by Danny Silk.

This week we’re finally scheduled to dig in and read Chapter 1 + Chapter 2 {by Friday, August 08}.

Today more than anything, I wanted to give you a little bit  of information on why I choose this book for us to read.

As an American, living in our western society means living in a democracy. Mutual voting and individual voices matter. While the democratic system is not necessarily the worst system in the world, it is not necessarily known for instilling the highest values on respect, honor, or nobility in some situations. After all this nation was started by people who wanted to get away from the constraints of their former Kingdom right? If we were still under say England’s rule, my thoughts are that we would have more of a context for the Kingdom principles that sometimes go against the ‘fight for your rights’ mentality.

With that being said, essentially my goal for reading this book is to gain a different perspective on how to relate to others, particularly those in leadership with systems and processes to uphold. And I’d love to learn how to honor when it’s not the easiest thing to do.

I also believe reading this book {along with others that also focus on Kingdomness} will help change our view of God from a lens of democracy to one that’s Kingdom based as His is. I’m not saying that I think one is better than the other, but I am looking to gain an outlook that includes both. In other words, this is an ‘in addition to’ problem not an ‘instead of’ one.

For either, all, or none of those reasons listed above, I hope you’re just as intrigued as I am and that at the end of it you learn something and walk away with a perspective that you didn’t have before reading!

It’s not too late to join us. Go here for an overview of the Read-Along and the link you need to purchase the book online!

Next week, I’ll answer any questions you have on what we’ve covered, share your thoughts, and give more insight into my experience with the book.

Email your questions to dear {at} denisenicole {dot} me. I’m thoroughly looking forward to your thoughts, questions, and counter culture transformations!



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