{Ready to Read} Culture of Honor by Danny Silk

I’m reading with D! #CultureofHonor #ReadAlong! {Tweet this!} Tweet: I'm reading with D! #CultureofHonor #ReadAlong! http://ctt.ec/GOfLX+ As mentioned on the ‘Read With Me‘ page,

“Anybody who knows me or has heard me speak, knows that I’m always throwing around a book reference or two depending on the situation or conversation.

According to recent studies, The U.S. Illiteracy Rate hasn’t Changed In 10 Years and just recently a facebook status stating how much of a bookologist I am revealed I should probably look into starting some form of a book club…”

So here’s our first book! For 5 weeks, starting August 1 through August 29 we’re going to be reading Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment by Danny Silk.

%titleAlong the way, you can email me your questions  or discussion points and I’ll review them during my weekly video or written blog. You can check back each week, or *follow this blog to have them magically appear in your inbox.

You’ll want to get a copy of Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment as soon as possible to stay on top of the reading schedule. It’s between $10 – $15 and it’s conveniently located in my bookstore ‘bookshelf’ under relationships or you can purchase from the link above.

Here’s the Culture of Honor Read-Along Schedule:

Foreward + Preface + Introduction {by August 01}
Chapter 1 + Chapter 2                          {by August 08}
Chapter 3 + Chapter 4                          {by August 15}
Chapter 5 + Chapter 6                          {by August 22}
Chapter 7 + Chapter 8                          {by August 29}

Email your questions to dear {at} denisenicole {dot} me. I can’t wait to dig into your thoughts, questions, and counter culture transformations! Follow my blog with Bloglovin



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