Tattoo: To Remove or Not To Remove

Tattoo: To Remove or Not To Remove

One of my long time friends and I were talking about tattoo removal when a day later living social sends us emails with tattoo removal discount packages for a business in our area… This has forced me to seriously access and make a decision on if this is something I REALLY want to do.

But I think I’m a little apprehensive…

I have had the cute little tiger you see in my profile picture,on my right arm, for about 10 years now.  While it is absolutely adorable, and has definitely added character to who I am as a person, for so many reasons I feel like it’s time to part ways with it:

  1. IT WAS 10 YEARS AGO!! I mean I was 19 years old and had no idea what head space I’d be in at age 30 in relation to this big tiger cub on my arm. Where I was, who I was with, and the sentimental value is no longer significant.
  2. I feel so unclassy when I try to wear sleeveless, halter and/or tube tops. Some tattoo placements are dainty… where mine is, is NOT. It’s kind of manish to me.
  3. I used to think I wanted a sleeve, which I still think would be totally dope, but which I also think will not be happening. My logic has been to keep this tattoo in hopes of one day having a full sleeve or get rid of it so it wouldn’t be so odd by itself. Maybe if the removal process doesn’t turn out optimal for me, it will at least be light enough for to get a new tattoo(s) with more thought and meaning behind it…

In any event, if you have been contemplating tattoo removal and are a little skeptical too, this article on laser tattoo removal may help. Understanding how things work, always gives me peace!

Of course, if I do decide togo through with it, look forward to me detailing the entire process here!






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