Sharing my "secret" …

Sharing my "secret" …

I skipped the evisionaries #loveME challenge Day 10, because I thought… Share a #secret? I don’t have any secrets…

I was actually going to give you the opportunity to ask me questions you might have because I live my life as an open book. When I thought about the possible questions I could get I was reminded that while it’s no secret to me, everyone might not know this tidbit of my history, so here’s my secret:

I had my first child at 19 and my second at 21. 10 days before delivering my second child their father was #arrested and sentenced to 10 years in #prison for armed robbery. The #stigma of being that closely associated with someone ‘locked up’ prevented me from being extremely vocal about this to more than a few close friends.

Reality is we all know someone (maybe more than one) who’s ‘behind bars’ or worse dead as a result of being ‘caught up in the streets’. I have lost too many dudes to the ignorances of being cool and getting money and it’s time to#dobetter. Instead of proclaiming #freewhoever, what are we doing to congratulate those who never cross the threshold of #incarceration and prevent those at risk of making the same bad decisions we did?

I openly share this now, because I understand it’s part of my testimony, and how God is going to use me. I was born a #statistic made decisions to add on to the statistical odds and STILL beat them all!

To any #unwed #teenmom I am living proof that YOU too CAN #WIN!

I shouldn’t have my bachelors, but I do!

I shouldn’t have a full time job making above minimum wage, but I do!

I shouldn’t even be thinking about trying to be an #entrepreneur, let alone step out as one, but I am!

I should be on assistance, but I’m not!

I shouldn’t be a homeowner, but I am!

My children shouldn’t be getting straight A’s in school but they do!

I shouldn’t be applying for my masters but I am!

I shouldn’t be getting married but I am!

My girls should have behavioral problems but they don’t!

I should be ashamed but I’m not!

#tyrese #james #aaron #andrew #anthony #tremaine #tbt (03/2006)


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