A Note to Your Past You

A Note to Your Past You

Dear Denyce,

I really don’t even know where to begin… Do you ever imagine what your life will look like in 10 years? Well whatever you’ve imagined, in reality it’s going to be extremely different. If you’re anything like I remember you, you’re probably reading this like, ‘Yeah right, what could happen?’ So I’ll phase the details of the next 10 years of your life in subjects..


Romantic relationships are pretty important to you right now. And I get it, you’ve never really been loved or connected to the way an awesome princess like you should have been. So you’re searching for what you think you need. You were never taught to have and establish boundaries. Quite frankly you were never taught and as a result don’t know your worth. So you seek validation in most of the romantic relationships you get involved with. You think love is earned, yet love is given. You think you have to do things to receive and attain love, when in actuality if love was present, it would be doing things to prove itself to you. Love is an action word and it never lets you do all the work. When a person loves you, you will KNOW and you won’t have to do anything for it to be communicated or expressed. Those who will allow you to work for love are just as lost as you. They don’t know what love is, or may have never experienced it either, which is why they don’t have it to give. Those who will try to manipulate or control you in the name of love are equally damaged. Where there is love, there is freedom and peace. Love breeds teamwork and consideration. And you dear, are worth it ALL! You’ll learn this a little later, rather than sooner. But once you get, you won’t turn back.


Yep, BABIES. You’ll have two of them. Daughters. The most beautiful things, you’ve ever been a part of creating. You won’t necessarily know what to do with them, but you will quickly figure it out. You’ll get some things wrong, and more things right, but they’ll love you for trying. They’ll love you for loving them, with all that you have available to love. They’ll show you, YOU. I know you think you’re all that and a bag of chips, but they’re going to let you know that your bag of chips is stale. LOL together learning how to navigate in this world and each other and they will bring you more joy than you could ever know.


The friendships you think are solid right now, will fizzle away over the years. You may run into people you know from time to time, but not many of your current friendships will sustain you. The more I think about it, the more I think you didn’t truly know how to be a friend. You’re an only child and as with many only children, you are ‘socially’ challenged. It’s okay though. You’ll learn the world doesn’t revolve around you and that people are more important than emotions that change. You’ll learn to relate to others better and people will learn to relate to you better. You’ll also learn that you can’t win them all. Some people are more stubborn than you, so just throw in the towel. It’s quite possible these people were only in your life for a season anyway. Sometimes these friendships come back around proving the test of time and sometimes they won’t. But your true friends… they will become family… the family you get to choose. Your children will grow up with theirs, you will travel together, build wealth and businesses together. They will be your rock. Who you call on to come help you cook, or clean, or paint, pick up or watch the girls, or just chill and watch TV or a movie and who you do the same for when/if they need it. You will learn to create covenant relationships where you are able to exchange the holiest of holies of yourselves with each other. They will be a foundation who you would not have been able to accomplish half of the things you do without!


First of all let me say, all of the classes, you didn’t pay attention to, sleep or goofed around in, will come full circle at some point in your life. In other words, when the information comes up again, pay attention this time. Retain and explore the information this time. Ask questions and see if and how you can apply them to your everyday current and future life. It’ll be a great benefit in the long run. Unlike some of your classmates, instead of 4 years it’s going to take you 10 years to get you bachelor’s degree (because of those precious babies you have to take care of). Don’t even think about saying anything negative, because if you do… you totally missed what I just said… I just said, in spite of it all YOU DO get your Bachelors degree. What I didn’t mention is that some of your classmates, with or without children, still haven’t made this accomplishment and want to. Others have decided against it. And guess what? It’s okay. You’ll realize the plans you thought you had for your life aren’t as important as the path and journey and development you actually end up on. You’re life as it relates to school doesn’t end with your Bachelors although at one point you thought it might, because you didn’t want to consume more debt. You’d be happy to know you just applied to the Online Masters of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Tech!!! Sweet! I know right!


Your career path has been interesting, to say the least. Up until recently, you’ve just been trying to make it. With having two small children, you took jobs that allowed you to be home with them as much as possible. Working a part-time job at The Atlanta Journal – Constitution allowed you to get back into school and taught you a lot about working in the corporate world. I don’t think anybody would have guessed that you’d ever work at a church but you will. And it’ll be good for you. You will learn a lot there (about a lot of things) and this is ultimately where you will regain your love for technology and be graced to work in the Information Technology department. Around your 30th birthday you’ll be awaken to the world of entrepreneurship! What? Owning your own businesses, yes plural, I know right? Who would have thunk it? ‘Thunk’ have always been such a funny word. But seriously, you’re going to gain a whirlwind of information, experience and wisdom as an entrepreneur and you’re going to love every second of it!


God. He has been the source of all of your strength. You know about Him, but you’re going to get know Him, be in relationship with Him. You won’t always know it’s Him that’s working and you won’t always attribute things that happen to you, back to Him (out of ignorance) but believe me, it’s Him. He will love you, the way you were supposed to be loved. He will teach you how to love. He will teach you how to parent, He will teach you how to be successful in all aspects of life. He’ll show you the very first home you’ll own and how to manage it. He’ll show you your worth. He will transform you from what you’ve become to what He created and purposed and designed you to be. He will open and close doors no man can touch. He will preserve and protect you and your babies. He will bless you and you will tell the world about it.


You will change. Your perspective will increase. You will be exposed to many cultures and historical sceneries. You will travel internationally to Israel, Spain, and the Bahamas before you’re 30. You will try almost anything at least once. That includes oysters in Spain and crashing a moped in the Bahamas and you’ll have the pictures to show it. You will admit you were mad as an adolescence and that will begin the process of healing from it. You will hear things about yourself that you don’t like or agree with, and you learn how to healthy confront people for both your and their growth. Anything you don’t know, you’ll learn as you go and reteach it to all you come in contact with who’s willing to learn. No matter how hard you think things are, know this: You will succeed against all odds!


See: A Note to Your Future You tomorrow…

Love you! #DenyceNikole


4 thoughts on “A Note to Your Past You

    1. Aww thanks Natalie! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ll be publishing more about myself from now on… we are called for such a time as this!

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