Did You Know? Public Libraries Offer eBook Checkout

I just found out recently you can borrow ebooks from you public library. So… if you don’t have a county library card, now might be a perfect time to get one, or pay those fines so you can actually use it! LOL

Visit Overdrive or your local library’s website to verify whether or not this ebook option is available. If it is, head to the e-library’s website, login with your library card and start searching and checking out 1000’s of current titles.

You can keep ebooks for 14 – 21 days and audiobooks for 7. If you don’t finish within that timeframe, you can re-checkout the book and you’ll be at the same exact place you were before you ran out of time.

I can’t say that I’ve actually finished a book in 14 days… yet, but access to such great books from my iPad has been a pretty convenient and cool thing to be able to do! Waiting for long periods of time now equals learning instead of aimlessly surfing the web or social media timelines.

Here’s my latest download:


Look for a review once I’m finished and head to Amazon if you have any additional ebook checkout questions. #goodreads



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