Movie Review: Jobs

Movie Review: Jobs

Jobs sucked–the movie, not the guy…

For me, a good movie is one that can be followed from beginning to end. The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio that just came out is a perfect example of this. Without ever having read ‘The Great Gatsby’ one could still follow, understand and enjoy the movie.

Jobs on the other hand did not give this same experience. This movie was a mere highlight, a skim of Steve Job’s life in comparison to all that could have been included.

In terms of a hamburger, the movie was the lettuce, tomato, cheese, ketchup and mustard of his life. No bread. No meat.

On an informational level there were so many unincluded details, that I know if Jobs had been alive to review it, the “make the small things unforgettable, we don’t accept fine” guy he was would have thoroughly rejected this cut/edit of the film.

Oddly enough, I liked it…

Because it was about Steve Jobs, NOT because it was a good movie! It gives a small, shallow, surface level ‘idea’ of who and how he was, which because he was so dynamic is enough to inspire and ignite viewers.

Susan Wloszczyna from¬† giving the movie 2 out of 4 stars says, “Kutcher and his director, Joshua Michael Stern (“Swing Vote”), should have realized that when a movie presents its subject as a messiah of intuitive design who insisted that corners never be cut and compromises never struck, it should at least attempt to emulate such exacting standards.”

The movie also received criticism from Jobs’ right-hand man and Apple co-founder,¬†Steve Wozniak also known as Woz:

So after watching the movie, I did my own research and while they tell the stories better because they are documentaries, there is too much information available here that there is no good reason why it wasn’t connected, included, and acted out on the big screen for us.

Take a look for yourself and let me know your thoughts (whether you have or haven’t watched the movie)!

Bloomberg Game Changers: Steve Jobs

BBC Documentary: Steve Jobs – Billion Dollar Hippy

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Steve Jobs Documentary: In His Own Words

You can also read the movie scene-by-scene here (spoiler alert):

Feature Image by Hong Kong design student Jonathan Mak Long


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