decided to add a Parenting column to the blog…

I get a lot of compliments about how well of a job I’m doing as a mother and how well behaved and smart my daughters are… I usually brush it off with a thank you because I don’t ever want to become puffed up or proud yet it’s until I’m around others that I can actually observe the difference everyone else sees…

I don’t know that I do anything super spectacular but instead very practical, realistic and honestly. It was suggested that I blog about parenting… so here I am!

My strong desire is that through the information I share, you can improve your parenting skills and more importantly the relationships you have with your children. They will be adults longer than they will be children so enjoy it while you can so check back periodically for more articles on PARENTing!


2 thoughts on “decided to add a Parenting column to the blog…

  1. yes…more post about parenting so I can share it to the world(well Facebook) and ofcourse take notes for future references!!!

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