Let's Talk Detangling

Let's Talk Detangling

Detangling is such a prevalent issue when it comes to hair. Regardless of race, as long as they have curly hair, the one thing everyone is looking to make easier when washing is the ‘detangling’ process. I’m still new in the game but I have already been asked a number of times, so here’s where I share what I’ve learned so far.

What I’m about to share are things I’ve not only implemented with my own hair routine but also with my daughters and friends who have all agreed is better than what we were doing before these tips.

Tip #1: Section the hair BEFORE washing.

The less hair you have to deal with at a time, the better. How many sections you divide your hair into is totally up to you but be mindful that the more sections you have the longer it may take you. You can use claws or clips to keep the hair in its sections but make sure they’re plastic, because metal rusts. I section my hair in 8-12 sections because my hair is so thick but I only section my daughters in 4 sections. Thickness and length are definitely some determining factors for sectioning.

After sectioning: ***Wet Hair***Unclip Section 1*** Shampoo Section 1***Rinse Section 1***Reclip Section 1***Repeat for all remaining sections

Tip #2: Get a good detangling tool.

My daughters and I love the Tangle Teezer, other than the fact that there’s not handle this brush is the greatest $10 I’ve ever spent. Yep, only 10 bucks from you local Sally’s beauty supply. Some love the Denman brush, a regular paddle brush, or even a wide toothed comb but the Tangle Teezer is my fave until I can get my hands on a Mason Pearson brush. I’m a fan of anything that makes doing these girls’ hair less of chore; which ever you choose make sure you have it close by during this process.

After shampooing: Unclip Section 1***Finger comb rinse-out condition through Section 1***Rinse Section 1***Reclip Section 1***Repeat for all remaining sections

Tip #3: Don’t detangle until AFTER you’ve applied conditioner to your hair.

I deep condition my hair once a week, and it’s when I’m applying whatever I’m deep conditioning with that I detangle with my Tangle Teezer. (Any other time I may ‘get my hair wet’ or co-wash, I finger comb the rinse-out conditioner through.) Always remember to detangle from the ends to the roots. If you start at the roots and force through tangles you’re going to have a lot of unnecessary breakage.

After Rinse-out Condish: Unclip Section 1*** Apply Deep Conditioner to Section 1***Detangle Section 1***Reclip or twist Section 1***Repeat for all remaining sections

Rinse and Style.

After Deep Conditioning: Unclip Section 1*** Rinse Section 1***Reclip Section 1***Repeat for all remaining sections

The thing I love about this process is that the hair is already sectioned which makes it easier to style.

That’s it. Let me know if this works or caused more work for you. If you love it or are totally confused by it or even if you have better suggestions.

Note. If you choose to twist the hair during the DC process try rinsing without untwisting to save some time.


Denyce Nikole


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