Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I went to sleep extra early, so I could get up extra early.

Since this was my first time using Kinky Curly: Knot Today and Curling Custard I wanted to do a true wash-n-go so I could get a true feel for the product in my hair.

I cleansed with Hair Rules: Daily Cleansing Cream

I used TRESemme’ Naturals: Nourishing Moisture as a rinse-out Conditioner

Kinky Curly: Knot Today leave-in condish (and I combed it through which I usually don’t do)

I then sectioned and sprayed my hair with my water bottle (as the directions call that your hair is soaking wet) and fingered combed in the Kinky Curly: Curling Custard.


My hair was soo juicy Lol. It took longer than I would have liked to dry but again I LOVE this stuff!! It’s more watery than UFD Curly Magic (which I like) and I don’t know what or how but it plumped up my hair. Just Juicy!

The only one discrepancy I have with this product is that I could see the ‘still damaged curls’ more than I could with other products that I’ve used; and even then it’s not the product it’s my hair… (yes even after big chopping I still have some hair in the front, the crown,  that need to be clipped sooner or later… it’s like curly root, straight, curly end.

This will definitely stay in my rotation!



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