If at First You Don't Succed…Try Again…Twist and Sleep!

Since my ‘twist out’ didn’t turn out the way I expected I pulled out my spray bottle drenching my hair with water and applying Uncle Funky’s Daughter: Curly Magic & Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle. The only problem was the Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment that I used for as a leave-in the night before when I twisted the hair had  already dried and my hair was a little more flakier than normal… so I started over.

I cleansed with Hair Rules: Daily Cleansing Cream and used all three products listed above again, but together (not after letting the Curl Rehab dry). I also twisted my hair again but I didn’t twist all the way to the end, I left about a half an inch untwisted and curly, wrapped in my satin bonnet and went to sleep.

Once awake, I untwisted my ‘half-twists’ and was pleasantly surprised. My hair wasn’t all the way dry but it wasn’t soaking wet anymore either.  The time it takes for my hair to dry through the day was cut in half and the twists seemed to have kinda stretched my hair.

I will definitely be using this technique AGAIN.


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