Consider the Source

Consider the Source

As we approach the second week in this new year, another practical suggestion I’d like to make is… Considering the Source.

People are ALWAYS giving advice right? People are also always voicing their opinions, sometimes like it’s law.

Before considering the things people are saying consider them.

Why are they saying what they’re saying? Is it because they truly believe it, have made mistakes and learned and are trying to help guide you? Could they be lying or just repeating what they’ve heard someone else said? Are they a connoisseur of the subject? Are they over imaginative? Or do they just want to be heard?

People could be struggling and want you to feel as bad as they do or they could be influenced by television, music and movies to make decisions.

No matter what the case, considering all of these before following the advise or opinion of another might save you time, money, energy or all the above.

One really good way to judge the opinion of a person is to observe simple things like their favorite movie, television show or book.These are small clues to how a person thinks, what a person enjoys and maybe even how they make decisions.

And of course the best way to weigh the advise of others and make decisions throughout this year is with God’s Holy Spirit. He will save you time, money, and energy!

Remember, life is a series of decisions… so choose wisely!


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