The Cherry Lola Treatment

The Cherry Lola Treatment

Hope Everyone had a Happy Saturday!

Today I did a Cherry Lola treatment today!

What’s a Cherry Lola? It’s a protein treatment, that I believe originated from a blogger ( that not longer exists for some reason o_O that calls for:16oz of plain yogurt (I used Chobani)

2 tbsp of Bragg’s Amino Acids (smells like soy sauce)

2 tbsp  Baking Soda

Distribute through hair. Let sit for 20-40 minutes. Rinse.

I only had 12 oz of yogurt so I added 2 tbsp of my Curl Junkie Repair Me along with a small bit of oil to keep my hair moisturized as baking soda can be drying (but I don’t remember which oil I used… *shrugs*)

The Way It Works: Since baking soda is acidic, it opens the cuticles for the protein in the yogurt and amino acids to actually get into the hair. This is also one of the reasons why some say baking soda is such a good cleanser, but I’d warn against using it often, and always condition afterward as again it is very drying to the hair.

My Reaction: This stuff stinks… I love soy sauce but it still stinks, but there’s something about the smell being above my nose, or maybe mixed with baking soda that just wasn’t appealing Lol. It wasn’t the easiest thing to apply and my hair was heavy while the mixture was on. I didn’t necessarily see a change in my curl, while applying, while on my hair or after rinsing either.

All in all, I wasn’t impressed. Will I try it again? Maybe. (And probably without all of my personal additives to see if that makes a difference.) But I don’t think it’s going to be my go-to protein treatment. I’ll probably be sticking to the Curl Junkie Repair Me or Aphogee’s 2-Step Treatment, or maybe I’ll try Aubry Organics Blue Green Algae Hair Rescue Conditioning Mask.

After the Cherry Lola, I deep conditioned with Shea Moisture: Organic African Black Soap Purification Masque that I added some raw honey to, used Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment as a leave-in and twisted my hair.

Apparently protein isn’t great for the hair in the winter anyway…check out this exert from 10 Winter Tips for Your Curls from (

Avoid Protein

Drying shampoos that contain too much protein and not enough natural oils are not what winter calls for. When you use products that contain protein, your hair needs extra moisture so it won’t become dry and brittle. (sometimes an after-effect of using too much protein.) Since you’ll be deep conditioning more make sure to pick one that is not protein rich, as too much protein can cause more frizz. A few great ones to try are: DevaCurl Heaven In Hair or Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Nourishing Masque.


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