Perfect the Technique for You

Perfect the Technique for You

Yesterday I told you…

I didn’t use a leave-in this time but applied Uncle Funky’s Daughter: Curly Magic directly to my soaking hair. The product is advertised as a curl stimulator and that is what it did. It made my hair super curly. But it was more of an afro curly than a defined curly and the curls didn’t clump so much. So I paired it with a tiny bit of Africa’s Best: Kids Organics: Soft Hold Olive Oil Conditioning Smoothing & Styling Gel that I had left and that did the trick.”

It wasn’t until I got to work the next morning that I realized “the trick” was a lot harder than I has hoped it would be once it dried, which really bothered me.I also told you I received my Curl Junkie products, so of course I took that was an opportunity for me to give it another go. Since I wasn’t too intrigued with the wash-n-sleep, I decided to wait til morning to give it a whirl.

I conditioned (rinse-out) TRESemme’ Naturals: Nourishing Moisture (I really like this stuff) and with Beauticurls Argan and Olive Oil Daily Hair Conditioner (because I didn’t rinse all of it out).

I used the Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment as a leave-in. I was going to try to rock a leave-in only wash-n-go I wasn’t pleased with the outcome. Let me PAUSE, Lol, and stop here to say Curl Rehab smells soo good!

Anywho, since I wasn’t pleased with the leave-in only look, I decided to go try Uncle Funky’s Daughter: Curly Magic again. This time instead precisely following the instructions I decided to finger comb the Curly Magic through small sections of my hair… and guess what? It gave me the same look the gel had been giving me, the curl clumpage was great.

I used Curls in a Bottle as my finisher and sprayed the Shea Moisture: Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Elixir for shine and protection as a seal.

The other great thing about this combination of products, is that once it finally dried… my hair was NOT hard or as crunchy and my hair is moisturized to the touch. =) My co-workers also like the smell and joked that it was juices and berries (not from Oyin but like from Coming to America Lol).

I am very pleased with my outcome today and am looking forward to discovering other ways to enjoy my products and my hair, but the most important lesson learned today is that you have to ‘perfect the technique for you’. Just because a product says to section and smooth, doesn’t mean you can’t get better results if you finger comb. I think the length of your hair, the tightness of your curls as well as the thickness, coarseness, or softness and it’s porosity level must all be taken into account when you’re buying, trying and applying products.



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