Get It Out!!

Get It Out!!

It’s only 5 days into the new year and I’d like to give a word of advice… whatever you’re going through…not necessarily right now, but just period throughout the year, throughout your life… Get It Out!

What am I talking about?

Whenever you have an issue with what someone has done… tell them!

Whenever you’re going through a situation… tell someone you trust!

You must talk about it! You must, say it with me, “Get It Out!”

Satan, our enemy, continues to defeat us by deceiving us in to keeping things to ourselves.

How many times have gone through a situation, beating yourself up, convincing yourself that no one else in the world had ever been through anything like what you were in, to accidentally share it with someone and have a swift breath of fresh air swirl past you when you discovered someone else ‘could’ relate?

Or how many times have you felt a certain way about a person’s actions towards you, letting each and every additional action make you angrier and angrier until one day you couldn’t hold it any longer? Only to realize that once you finally got it out, not only did you feel better but they didn’t know they bothered you and would have stopped had you said something earlier.

Let this year be the year you muster up the courage to FINALLY say what you mean, and mean what you say!

Let this be the year, that fear doesn’t paralyze you into remaining a victim.

Get over what other people think about you, what they might say about you or even if you’re right or wrong and “GET IT OUT!”

You’ll feel better and things will get better…(sooner)…as a result! You’ll see!


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