You're Going to Make Mistakes

You're Going to Make Mistakes

Mistake Number One: 2 1/2 – 3 day hair is a no go with this length hair… I ended looking more like a curly mop top than anything else today, so of course, I went back under the water.

I cleansed again with Hair Rules: Daily Cleansing Cream and used TRESemme’ Naturals: Nourishing Moisture as a rinse-out Conditioner.

I didn’t use a leave-in this time but applied Uncle Funky’s Daughter: Curly Magic directly to my soaking hair. The product is advertised as a curl stimulator and that is what it did. It made my hair super curly. But it was more of an afro curly than a defined curly and the curls didn’t clump so much. So I paired it with a tiny bit of Africa’s Best: Kids Organics: Soft Hold Olive Oil Conditioning Smoothing & Styling Gel that I had left and that did the trick.

Again, I sealed with Oil of Palma Christi: 100% Pure Black Jamaican Castor Oil and called it a night.

Mistake Number Two: A wash-n-sleep is NOT the same as a wash-n-go…

My curls were still super defined but I had to fluff them out a bit…Lol


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