Abracadabra really does magic… Curly Magic!

Abracadabra really does magic… Curly Magic!

Remember when I gave a shout out to April at Abracadabra Beauty Supply Store in Conyers for being the only store in GA that I could find that carries Curl Junkie and Uncle Funky’s Daughter products??

Well, my first trip there, she was out of Uncle Funky’s Daughter: Curly Magic which is one of the products I had heard good things about and wanted to try. The more I began wondering whether or not I could get gel defined curls without the crunch, the more I thought about Abracadabra and Curly Magic.

So I gave April a call and made sure her shipment was in before I made the journey… an hour later, I had my curly magic!


2 thoughts on “Abracadabra really does magic… Curly Magic!

  1. Conures is seriously in the cut. Think I might order it online. I went product crazy when I first started wearin my curls. Think it’s time I get back on it!

    1. Ok so I’m NOT the only one! Whew! That gives me so much relief b/c I’m sitting over here like am I going crazy??? Lol asking myself how I got obsessed with all of this so quickly…

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