Why I decided to BC (Big Chop)…

Why I decided to BC (Big Chop)…

Many of you know, I’ve actually been ‘natural’ or without chemicals for about four years now… I grew my relaxer out by getting my hair pressed… and getting my hair pressed was something I did on average, once a month since then

I recently got introduced to some material that got me researching and asking questions…

The conclusion: I had heat damaged hair… I could have easily continued getting my hair pressed as my hair was quite long and ‘healthy’ in that state; but if I ever wanted to wear a wash-n-go (my curlies) I had problems!

I had two different textures! My curlies and my pressed! Lol

So I had a decision to make… to cut or not to cut… here’s why I decided to BC (Big Chop)

I equated the decision to a relationship…

Why would I hold on? because I was scared, of not knowing how my new hair would look? of what others would say and/or think? because others said not to? why would I hold on to something that was damaged… just because it ‘looked’ good, even if i knew deep down it wasn’t?

And how many times have we had these same antics with damaged relationships?

So I cut it! Big Chopped it all off! No use holding on the past if its not good!

That goes for hair and relationships! Anything! Don’t continue carrying around baggage! Do away with the old and prepare for the new!

What old thing have you gotten rid of in preparation for something new?


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