{Book Review} V is for Virgin: The Unplugged Guide to Abstinence & Celibacy by Chiquita S. Lockley

{Book Review} V is for Virgin: The Unplugged Guide to Abstinence & Celibacy by Chiquita S. Lockley

“V is for Virgin” by the self proclaimed Goddess of Virginity Chiquita Lockley is delightfully refreshing!

In a time where even commercials for chocolate candies are driven by sex, Chiquita offers inspiration and instruction to young women who have decided to dedicate and/or re-dedicate their bodies to God until marriage.

She approaches every situation related to the abstinent/celibate life, from the natural hormonal “fits” women get monthly, to the risky games we play and their consequences. She discusses how the void of a father-less daughter affects women’s relationships and maintains a biblical basis with scriptural references throughout her entire virgin survival guide.

by Chiquita Lockley

Being a virgin in her late 20’s herself, the guide is 100% relate-able as Chiquita has experienced everything you’re experiencing in your journey of virginity. She writes with such a-matter-a factness that if you’ve decided to be a virgin or even if you’ve had sex in your lifetime and have now decided to be celibate, you will definitely be pulling this book off the shelf whenever you need an encouraging reminder that you’ve made the right decision.

This book would be a PERFECT gift for pre-teens who are being pressured to “give-it-up” to be cool because they don’t understand “sex” and it’s consequences and don’t have parents who are comfortable enough or have the necessary information to educate them.

I also suggest this book for females like myself, who may have been around the block but have now made the decision not to have sex until marriage. It will serve as a way to learn something new and give a sense of relief through a realization that you’re not the only one who feels the way you do about being celibate.

It can be read alone, in small groups, or as a part of a lecture class. There are questions after each chapter to reinforce the information shared and a place to keep notes as you progress through the book and your life of “no sex”.

Chiquita writes:

“My conversation with God started a very long time ago, and to date, He has been a keeper of His word. He keeps me daily, and I don’t have to compromise my lifestyle or my body to reap the benefits of His blessings. The things that I thought my “man” would do for me in exchange for sex are done by the only Man in my life right now–Jesus.”

Need I say more?! It’s less than $10. Click here to order your copy of V is for Virgin ~ The Unplugged Guide To Abstinence & Celibacy

1 Corinthians 6
18Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.


Denyce Nikole


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