Is a Mocha BK Joe still an iced coffee without ice?

Is a Mocha BK Joe still an iced coffee without ice?

So Shakespeare is known for saying, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

My question for the day is, “Is a Mocha BK Joe still an iced coffee without ice?”As I approach Burger King this morning, I think to myself…I want a Mocha BK Joe…one of the best iced coffee’s you can buy…

but I’m also thinking about how I need to make a stop before I head to work
instead of ordering a bacon and egg croissant from Burger King, I want a turkey bacon and egg croissant from a little shop, walking distance from my job…

it’ll be perfect I can eat the turkey bacon and egg croissant and drink my iced coffee when I get to my desk…
UNLESS the ice melts and waters down the ice coffee.

When I get to the drive thru intercom and am asked to place my order, I say, “Can I get a Mocha BK Joe without ice?”

I hear the voice on the other side firmly say, “NO!”

Anybody who knows me knows I don’t always take no as an answer very easily so I ask, “Can you put the coffee in one cup and the ice in a separate cup then?”

Immediately I was again faced with opposition. The voice on the other side of the intercom begins to explain, with an attitude, “I mean the Mocha BK Joe is an iced coffee. I can’t give you an iced coffee without ice.”

I politely reply, “I understand that. And I do want the ice. I just want it in a separate cup.”

“Ma’am. I can’t do that. We have to fill the cup with certain levels of liquid and certain levels of ice”, says the female intercom voice.

I politely reply again, “I understand that as well. Can’t you fill the cup up to the coffee level and put the required ice in a separate cup? I’m not trying to get more liquid or less ice. I’m just not going to drink my coffee at this particular moment and don’t want the ice to melt in my coffee while I’m driving.”

Intercom voice, “No. Ma’am I’m sorry I can’t do that.”

My last attempt, “Well, can you just give me light ice?”

The intercom voice finally surrenders, “I’ll make it as light as I can.”

I say, “Thank you” and take the light iced coffee.

Needless to say, once I arrive at the stop I have to make I drain the iced coffee into a new cup, throw the ice down the drain and head to pick up my turkey bacon and egg croissant.

After I get situated at my desk I take my iceless Mocha BK Joe to the ice machine and add ice…

Throughout this entire process I couldn’t help but think, “Isn’t the customer always right? and I thought Burger King was where I could have it my way?”

I love you guys! Have a great day and please include your thoughts I’d like to know your thoughts on whether or not an iced coffee is still an iced coffee without ice…


Denyce Nikole



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