keyword is "was"

keyword is "was"

I’m really starting to believe that every man’s mind has been warped into thinking that if you don’t have sex with them, they don’t have time for you
this is so sad
which is why when you talk about sex…regardless WHAT I’ve done in my past…I don’t wanna hear that
you claim sex isn’t important, that you respect my decision not to have sex, that you still want to be with me even if we don’t have sex…
well I say PROVE ME WRONG because I’m feeling a lot like Solange right now…getting ready to sing ♪♫”I Told You So”♫♪

if I don’t meet a man that can go HOWEVER LONG I say, without sex, without trying me…
I’ll be single for the rest if my life! married to God!

what’s wrong with just wanting somebody to be there? to be a friend?
just because a girl wants to be close to a dude, to cuddle, or even kiss
doesn’t mean she wants to have sex!
and NOBODY seems to understand that
which makes it hard for people like me to get close to anybody
especially when most girls are soo easy
and maybe I ‘was’ easy at some point in my life, maybe even a lot of points in my life…
keyword is “was”


Denyce Nikole


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