In order to get the grade, you GOT to FINISH the COURSE!

most of you know that if you drop out of a course before it is over you get a W…stands for withdrawal and you don’t get a grade or credit for the class…
there are also times when you’ve stayed for the full duration of the class but you failed to complete an assignment, either at all or completely, and you get an I…incomplete and you also don’t get a grade or credit for the class

How many of us are trying to get the grade from God without completing the course?so many times we ask God for this or that
but we don’t want to complete the course he has for us

God uses courses to develop us to be ready for whatever we’ve asked for…
so when you pray and ask God for something and you don’t seem to be getting the ANSWER…
just remember it’s not that God didn’t hear you…it’s not that God didn’t answer you…
You just need to finish you’re course!

Many of us have W’s and I’s on God’s Transcript…
He wants to be sure that we appreciate and can get through the little before He can trust us with the BIG!
I hope you have your STUDY GUIDES!


Denyce Nikole



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